Tips to avoid common mistakes when selling your home

Are you planning to sell your home? Read on to some of our best advice to help you avoid making the common mistakes people often make when selling their home.

1. Depersonalise, declutter and stage your home

Make sure to have your home clean thoroughly, clutter free, and tidy before putting on the market and when any of the showing time to your potential buyers. It is important to make your buyer feel comfortable, and that they can picture themselves living in the home. Don’t distract the buyer from falling in love with your home. 

Also, staging your home is essential, as we mentioned in our previous blog on “Is staging your home worth it?”. The answer is a resolute “yes”, according to industry experts, with some claiming it can add tens of thousands to the value of a property.

2. Setting the most suitable price for your home

Whether you’re working with an agent or going to sell your home yourself, determining the right price for your home is the key, as most buyers avoid overpriced house rather than negotiate. When the market speaks, you need to listen. Maximizing the price is an effort of adjusting to the market, you need to realize that the price can goes up and down anytime. You need to take note that the timing of your sale can also make all the difference in the price you’re able to get.

3. Prioritising photography for the listing 

It is better to get a professional photographer for your home listing photos, even if you are not using an agent. Professional photos of your home will leave a critical first impression from the potential buyers. When your buyers are looking at many others of potential new homes, you need your home to stand out. If a buyer bypasses your listing because of bad photos, they aren’t likely to reconsider it later.

4. To hire or not to hire an agent

You also need to consider whether you will hire an agent to help you sell your home or you will sell it on your own. Hiring an agent knows how to expose your home to potential buyers. You also should consider hiring an agent with a powerful website and an engaged social media following. Be careful not to make mistakes without doing research and surveys about the market as well as the agent’s reviews first.

Selling your home is a major life-changing decision, but remember: all the big decisions are yours. However, if you already have a little know-how to avoid the common mistakes listed here, you can have your way forward smoothly and be more aware of what to watch before selling your home.

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