Setting up your home office on a budget

1. Find a location

For some, the perfect study might actually be just off a loud busy area of a home. For others, it might be deep in the back of a walk-in wardrobe where it can be as quiet as possible! Decide which environment works best for you.

2. Invest in a good quality desk

Invest in yourself — get a quality desk and chair.

A little Google search will help point you towards the top products. But if you’re short on cash (or even if you’re not) head to Facebook Marketplace to save some dollars

A quick word about filing cabinets though. Paper files are sometimes necessary, but for the most part, your files should be stored digitally these days.

3. Power your work life

Next, think a lot about the power needed to drive the devices you use: laptop, printer, tablet, chargers and so on.

How many power points are available to you and are they in positions where you’ll help yourself get more done? Take some time to grab a few cable ties and make everything neat and accessible.

There’s nothing worse than a collection of messy cluttered wires. Take the extra 30 minutes to get your office looking neat and tidy and don’t worry about it ever again nor will you run the risk of trip hazards for you or other members of your family.

4. Light your way

Finally, make sure the light is right for you. If the room is too dark for you, find some good inexpensive task lighting. It will make all the difference.

There’s no reason to be left in the dark when you’re trying to work. Unless of course, you work best at 2am and need the calm of the night to get your inspiration firing!

5. Strong WiFi

Depending on where your home office is located in relation to your WiFi modem, you may find yourself struggling with an office-worthy connection.

If this has been an issue in your home, consider investing in a wireless extender.

An extender is a device that will pick up the signal from your modem and re-transmit it around where it is located. It essentially carries the signal further to guarantee a stronger connection regardless of where you’re sitting in your home.

6. Temperature control

Many of us have suffered through the icy blasts of office building air con, but this starts to look very appealing when working from home on a 35-degree day.

Home temperature control can be a drain on our personal finances, not to mention a major distraction if we’re trying to work. To manage this more efficiently, consider some eco-friendly assists.

Ensure your doors and windows are properly sealed to avoid heat entering or escaping when needed. Invest in double glazing for your windows or even some curtains that allow enough light while also keeping the sun out.

7. Don’t forget the greenery

A touch of greenery can do wonders to further enhance creativity, so pop a pretty pot plant – or three – on some neat shelving in your office space and let the creativity shine.

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