Guide To Make Your Rental Property Energy-efficient

Energy-efficiency improvements can help save time and more money for both rental property owners and the tenant. There are plenty of benefits for taking some steps to reduce energy use in your apartment, but it will also come with some perks in upgrading, or just simply maintaining a rental property with energy efficiency treatment. 

Worry not, in this blog post we have compiled some easy guides for you to do to make your rental property more energy efficient. 

  • Controls and appliances matters

Make sure you choose energy-efficient appliances as well as controlling your climate in heating and cooling systems

  • Sealing gaps and cracks

Like windows, outlets can let in drafts from the outside that offset your apartment’s heating and cooling efforts especially in some seasons

  • Switching to energy efficient lighting

You can consider using energy efficient bulbs or you can just use LED light bulbs as it is more energy efficient than the traditional bulbs that are usually used

  • Invest in a humidifier

A humidifier will help maintain the humidity levels in your apartment building, it is not only useful during winter but it can also be good and beneficial for your health

  • Beware of standby power

Things like your phone charger, power strips, and many other appliances tend to continue drawing power even when not in use, so to reduce energy used, pull the cords out when you don’t actually need it

It is always a good idea to make your property as energy efficient as possible to reduce the money spent on bills. Energy efficiency is important for the environment, your wallet and your property. With a few simple changes to the way you use energy in your home or rental unit, you can save money on electricity bills each month while making a better movement for the environment.

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