7 items to make your rental feel like home

Enjoy decorating your home without damaging the property.

Although you may not own the property you live in, you always want it to feel like your own space. As a renter, this can sometimes be a challenge, as you have to adhere to the rules that come with renting. Here’s a list of 7 items to help make your rental feel like it’s yours:

1. A rug

Rugs are a nice decorative touch, as well as a vital provider of comfort. They feel nice underfoot and can enhance a room’s style. However, the main functions of a rug are highly practical. Firstly, they provide extra insulation – a big bonus in winter.

More than that, they provide protection for your floors which – in a rental – is absolutely vital!

2. Invest in functional furniture

We always need more space. Buying furniture with in-built storage is a great way for stowing away all the extras that don’t have a place in the home.

You could consider using coffee tables and footstools that have hidden storage for that extra room. Cabinets can provide more closed off the storage, and you can even find bed frames that include storage under the mattress or on the sides.  

3. Wall art

Nothing says ‘short-term living situation’ like bare walls. Hanging some photographs, artworks or posters will not only liven a room, but will also allow you to inject your personality into a space.

Displaying items that are personal or beloved by you is a direct route to feeling at home.

Landlords will often allow you to hang pictures or photo frames on walls, provided you ask permission first and agree to repair the holes when the time comes to move out. Just be sure to check!

4. Power boards

Why is it that rental homes never seem to have enough power points?

Whenever you’re trying to fit your own items into someone else’s layout, you probably find yourself in need of power boards, extension cords, or other power-connecting devices.

Just remember to get high-quality, surge-protected power boards for safety and follow the safety instructions provided. Also, invest in some cable ties or clips to keep the mess of cords orderly.

5. Invest in Quality Bed Linen and Towels

Good quality bed linen and towels can do wonders in elevating a bedroom and bathroom. Your bedroom should feel like a sanctuary, especially if you’re in a sharehouse, and choosing pure linen bedding that is comfortable, breathable, and luxurious will ensure you always sleep well, says Rosen-Biller.

“Our Bed Threads French flax linen bedding comes in a wide spectrum of hues that can be styled in single tones or mixed and matched together for an effortlessly chic look,” she says. “Opt for a matching set of our ultra-plush 100% linen waffle towels and a bath mat to make even the tiniest bathroom feel like a 5-star hotel.”

6. Accessorize 

Sometimes all you need to do is add a few little extras to a room. Decorative vases and bowls, ornaments, and trinkets can finish off the look of a room and can be a cheaper option for personal decoration. Finishing touches like candles, clocks, and cushions are great ideas for any room.  

7. Entertainment

You won’t feel at home in a new place until you can feel like yourself. Even after that first day of moving, you’ll want to sit back and relax. Whether you like to spend your downtime gaming, reading a book, watching TV, or browsing set yourself up with a good quality screen and a comfortable space to kick back.

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