5 Reasons To Leave Your Home In South Yarra

Obviously, the 5 essential reasons to leave your home during this lockdown are; shopping for essential goods, caregiving or compassionate reasons, authorised work, exercise and getting vaccinated and we encourage everyone to abide by that list.

However when abiding by the first 5 reasons to leave your home we came up with a list of our “5 reasons to leave your home” for all our South Yarra locals. Honestly, this list could have been over 50 but we kept it to 5. Enjoy!

Warung Coffee

Where else in Melbourne can you get a Mi Goreng Toastie. Carbs overload!! Make sure you get in early to try. 

Located right next to our office at 23 Malcolm Street, South Yarra featuring perfectly made 5 senses coffee and yummy takeaway options.

Image supplied from @warungcoffee.au

La Mana and Sons

A family-owned independent grocer located at 670 Chapel Street in South Yarra La Mana and Sons is the perfect way to stock up on your essential shopping while supporting local business. No need to get up early and visit your local market because while Melbourne sleeps, brothers; Brandon and Jordan are hand-selecting the best quality produce at the market for you.

If you don’t feel like cooking they have a massive range of freshly prepared ready meals from salads to pasta and curries

image supplied from inlite.com.au

Como Park

Located next to the Yarra River and near the historic Como house, Como Park is famous for its vast, sloping lawns and scenic views.

Como Park North continues over Alexandra Avenue, situated next to the popular Kanteen cafe on the river bank. Dogs are allowed on-lead only in Como Park North.

The parks’ features: football and cricket (2 turf cricket wickets and 3 turf practice wickets) sport oval with floodlights, BBQ area, basketball half court, playground, outdoor exercise equipment, bike path and a dog park.

Seems like a perfect way to get outdoors and enjoy 2 hrs of fresh air and exercise during your day.

image supplied from stonnington.vic.gov.au

Le Yeahllow 

Anything but ordinary. A neighbourhood p√Ętisserie providing a distinctively sweet experience located at 14 Claremont Street in South Yarra. A truly unique offering in a suburb where you think you already have everything you need Le Yeahllow is there for a convenient morning coffee on the way to the station or colourful cakes and pastries that make your mouth water.

They are also heavy collaborators with Calia offering Bento box specials with Calia Grill bento options and Le Yeahllow’s cakes for quarantining in style

We also did a collaboration video you can see below

Xynergy Report July featuring Le Yeahllow

Tan Track

Whilst very crowded during these lockdown times a run around the iconic Tan track is still a great way to break up the day working from home. However, if it is getting too crowded take a break from the running track and go for a walk in the botanical gardens.

The TAN name origins are disputed: a surface of TAN-coloured stone aggregate or, the track is around the Royal BoTANic Gardens or, it once was covered by TAN bark.

If you are feeling competitive The current record is 10 minutes and 8 seconds, run by Craig Mottram in 2006. He set this record whilst running with the Richmond football club during their pre-season training. Mottram gave the footballers a two-and-a-half-minute head start and still managed to beat them comprehensively.

image supplied from runningcalendar.com.au

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