Angie Gao

With a degree in urban planning and design from the University of Melbourne, Angie knows how the location of a home impacts its position on the market. With this knowledge, she can create a marketing strategy to showcase the good points of the neighbourhood in which her customers reside. Her training in design helps her recognise architectural features and point them out to potential buyers. Furthermore, it takes an eye for design to know—and how to show off your home’s best angles. Angie has the professional knowledge to locate your home’s major selling points and minimise any flaws. Previously, Angie served as L’Oreal’s Australia sales representative and was the top sales performer in her state. She gained the sales savvy and experience that moulded her into the talented real estate agent she is today. She has had over six years’ experience in customer service. Her ability to reach out to even the most difficult customers has helped shape her sales style. She’s likable, outgoing, and can help steer conversations in a positive direction to close the sale. Her ability to build rapport and negotiate with customers makes transactions a pleasure. Her hard work speaks for itself. Proactive and attentive, she puts the needs of her clients first. Her client-focused attitude shows in her thoughts and her work. She says, “I grasp that property is the most valuable asset for everyone, so I will deal with it as if it were my own—with all my passion.” Given Angie’s drive and experience, it just makes sense to put those assets to work for you. Call Angie on 0451 008 168 to set up a consultation today.


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